It’s a 10 Miracle Coily Trio Kit


The secret to stunning curly hair is gentle cleansing, conditioning, and styling that delivers powerful moisture and protection with each use. That’s exactly what you get with our Miracle Coily Trio featuring our Miracle Coily Hydrating Shampoo (10 oz.), Miracle Coily Leave-in (4 oz.), and Miracle Coily Curl Cream (4 oz.) that eliminate frizz and tangles for smooth curly and wavy strands that are shaped, shiny, and well-defined. Each product is specially formulated to assist in the strengthening of hair as well as enhance manageability and resilience against damage for curls you’re happy to show off. 

How to:  

STEP 1: Apply shampoo to wet hair with massaging motion.  Rinse thoroughly.

STEP 2: Spray leave-in on hair after shower to detangle and style.  (Or, on dry hair use Leave-in to give a pick-me-up - mist entire lengths of strands and scrunch/twist to reignite your curls.)

STEP 3:  Apply Curl Cream evenly on clean damp hair from roots to ends – do not rinse.  Shape curls, air dry or diffuse to style.  Can reapply to dry hair to revitalize curls.

It’s a 10 Miracle Coily Trio Kit