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Everything you need to know about hair breakage

What is hair breakage? It’s when hair strands snap, going split and ragged, instead of staying healthy from the scalp to the ends. If you have breakage, you’re not alone. It happens to many people. And, with good hair care, you can regain healthy hair.

Hair breakage happens when a hair strand is stressed and loses its protective outer layer. That weakens hair so that it thins, frays, and breaks. 

How to tell if you have hair breakage

You may have breakage if you have a healthy scalp with good hair growth, but worry about hair texture or thinning, or if it’s hard to grow your hair longer. Check for these signs to see if you have hair breakage:

  • short broken hairs in your comb or shedding when you style
  • white spots and split ends on hair strands
  • ragged, thinning hair ends.

Why is my hair breaking?

The first step to stopping hair breakage is checking your hair care routine to find what’s causing breakage. 


Dry, thirsty hair is stressed hair, and that means it is likely to break. If hair feels straw-like, frizzy, or crunchy, it is under-conditioned and at high risk of breaking. 

Bleaching and dyeing hair

Bleaching and dyeing hair for the color you want can be a dream come true. But the process also makes hair dry and delicate. Bleaches and dyes open up your hair’s protective cells so that hair will accept dye color. The result is more fragile hair that often shows the signs of under-conditioning.

Harsh handling when styling or combing

Physical stress to our hair can lead to hair breakage. This includes:

  •  using old combs or brushes
  • pulling on snags in hair
  • tight braiding
  • blow-drying and straightening more than you need to.

Four ways to reduce hair breakage

With good hair care and the right products, you can turn hair breakage around. Use these four tips to bring back healthy hair. 


Your most important step to reduce hair breakage is conditioning your hair. When your hair is hydrated and nourished, its protective outer layer stays whole. It has more stretch, tangles less, and breaks less, too. Intense conditioners with keratin or silk protein rebuild your hair. They also give hair strength to hold up to styling. Best of all, with the right conditioner, you’ll note less hair breakage right away. 

Go gentle when styling

If your hair is having a delicate phase with lots of breakage, reduce your blow drying and heat styling. Wait until your hair is partially dry before finishing it with blow drying. You’ll see less hair breakage right away.

Some styling is essential, like daily combing and brushing. For wet hair, comb out gently with a wide, smooth comb. For dry hair, brush or comb starting at the ends, detangling the ends first. Then work up through your hair. Combing down hard and catching knots breaks hair. If you brush your hair, use a detangling brush with well-spaced bristles.

Protect your hair when sleeping

We spend a third of our lives on our pillows in bed. So, make those pillows soft on your hair. Sleep on a smooth pillowcase. Cotton sateen is a good option. Silk pillowcases, which are more expensive, are well known for keeping hair fresh and avoiding breakage. 

Also, before you go to sleep, secure longer hair. This keeps your hair from twisting and breaking as you toss and turn. If your hair is long, and straight or wavy, secure your hair in a soft braid. If you have long curls, scoop your hair into a ‘pineapple’ style bun, secured with a fabric scrunchie. Protect shorter styles by wearing a satin sleep cap. You’ll see the difference the next morning!

Get good nutrition 

Hair health comes from good hair nutrition. Use products that nourish your hair, and feed your hair with a healthy diet. Make sure you’re getting a good amount of protein, healthy oils (like plant and fish oils), and green vegetables. You can also try a vitamin supplement for hair and nails. Look for ones that have sulfur, folic acid, B vitamins, and silica. You’ll see stronger hair in one to two months.

What products reduce hair breakage?

Start healing your hair right now with our expertly formulated products. We’ve taken our It’s a 10 formulas and made them more intense for hair that needs a boost. 

See results with menders and leave-ins

Help your hair immediately with Miracle Blow Dry Split End Mender. A few sprays on dry hair improve texture and shine, calming split ends. Then, next time you wash your hair, treat it to a miracle leave-in. 

Reduce breakage from styling with a blow dry leave-in

Our Blow Dry Glossing Leave In shields your hair during heat styling. Weightless smoothing agents reduce tangling and defend against heat, breakage, and UV damage.

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