Travel Checklist: The Must-Pack Hair Products for Beautiful Style

Ladies, summer is here! With the sun-drenched days and warm evenings, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and explore somewhere new. Vacation time!

But whether you’re planning a trip far away or even a staycation, you’ll need to pack wisely. Especially if you want your hair to stay healthy and lustrous. You might have your at-home routine locked in, but the stress that comes from traveling — coupled with a new environment and climate — can leave you with unruly strands.

Short of lugging along your entire hair product collection — which is near impossible with TSA’s restrictions, unless you plan on checking a couple of bags — you’ll need to pare down to what you really need.

Before you start whining, here’s a secret: investing in multi-purpose products will make this so much easier!

So, what do you really need? Here’s our list… and how you can efficiently combine products for several results.

For a low-maintenance, air-dried, UV-protected beach babe style…

air-dried beachy hairstyle

Pack: A leave-in conditioner and a styling product that can support air-dried styles

UV rays can seriously damage your hair’s outer layer, leaving it dry, brittle, and broken. So before you head outside, make sure you’re protected! Our Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin does just that, with its enriched formula designed to conditioner, soften, and protect your hair. Infused with keratin (the building-block protein that makes up all hair) and sunflower seed extract (a natural sunscreen), this product can be used straight out of the shower as a detangler as well as a heat protectant spray. Plus, it seals your cuticle for extra silky hair!

After you step out of the shower, spray the leave-in throughout your hair and comb through. Then, grab an all-in-one styling cream. Our Miracle Styling Cream sets your hair up for any style, from defined curls to shiny waves to sealed strands. To use, coat palms and work evenly through damp strands after you’ve applied your leave-in product. For curls and waves, wrap hair around your fingers and gently scrunch, then air-dry your hair or use a diffuser. For straight styles, allow your hair to dry naturally a bit first, then blow dry.

Traveling Hairstyle We Love: Try showering at night, and gather your hair into two braids. In the morning, release the braids and tousle a bit for effortless waves!

For color-maintenance:

hair color maintenance in chlorine

Pack: Color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and styling products with added UV protection

Sun, chlorine, and salt water make for a fun vacation… but if your hair is color-treated, these summertime elements can lead to fading, brassiness, or an embarrassing green tint on blonde hair. To combat this, make sure any products you’re taking along with you are good for color-treated hair. Our Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin preserves your hair color, while also protecting from sun damage, locking out humidity, and preventing breakage.

And for blondes, we’ve created a leave-in product and repair cream especially for you. Our Miracle Leave-In for Blondes is specially formulated for your hair needs, helping to defrizz, detangle, and enhance shine and highlights — without any dulling residue. And our Miracle Five Minute Hair Repair for Blondes is a rinse-off treatment that reduces brassiness, maximizes brightness, and seals your strands from root to tip.

Traveling Hairstyle We Love: Let your color shine through with a half-up, half-down ‘do. Spray dry shampoo on your roots and work through with your fingertips; grab half your hair and gather into a messy bun.

For a hydrating, curl-encouraging style…

curly summer hairstyle

Pack: A travel-size curl cream or similar product

Curly girls, you know that sometimes your curls have a mind of their own. So don’t leave your style up to chance! Bring your travel-size hair products for curly hair specifically — and even better if it’s multi-purpose, like our Miracle Defrizzing Curl Cream, which hydrates and defines curls, adds shine, and improves manageability. Apply the product evenly on clean, damp hair from roots to ends. Then, air dry or diffuse to shape your curls for a beautiful, long-lasting style!

Traveling Hairstyle We Love: Scarves and headbands are a great way to hide greasy roots, control curls, and show off  your personality!  

For a humidity-busting, frizz-free look…

frizz-free braid summer hairstyle

Pack: A travel-size hydrating shampoo, and a versatile defrizzing gel

If your hair frizzes up the moment it encounters any humidity, you’re not alone. Frizz is one of the most common summer hair challenges, as it can affect curly hair, straight hair, and everything in between.

So, what causes frizz? While it would be convenient just to blame the weather, the state of your hair has a direct correlation. Basically, if your hair is already dehydrated and desperate for moisture, it’s more likely to try to seek moisture from the air. Dehydrated strands can be caused by things like showering in water that’s too hot, regularly styling your hair with heat tools, and even shampooing too often.

First things first, when you do shampoo, don’t rely on what your hotel provides you. Make room in your bag for a super-hydrating shampoo, like our Potion 10 Miracle Repair Shampoo, which cleanses hair without any harsh chemicals or compounds that can strip it of natural oils. Plus, ingredients like golden bamboo extract and dog rose extract provide extra protection against environmental stressors.

After you shower, work in a styling product or gel while your hair is still damp. Our Miracle Defrizzing Gel stabilizes the moisture levels in your hair fiber, helping it to withstand humidity. It also strengthens your hair, reducing breakage and split ends.

Traveling Hairstyle We Love: After blow drying, gather your hair in a low, loose French braid to the side. (A little bit of textured frizz poking out of your braids can even look intentional!)

For a special-occasion hold, without the crunch…

how to hold hairstyle in summer humidity

Pack: A travel-size hairspray that won’t weigh you down

If you need your look to last all day or all night, don’t forget your travel-size hairspray or finishing spray. Consider how you’ll be styling your hair, and pack accordingly. For va-va-voom volume, our Miracle Blowdry Volumizer covers a lot of ground: it adds shine, gives explosive volume, protects against UV rays, and holds your hairstyle. For intricate up-do’s that need a lot of help, try our Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray, a product that provides effortless hold without the weight. And for an all-purpose spray, our Miracle Finishing Spray (available in a TSA-friendly 1.7-oz size, perfect for throwing in your purse) offers a lightweight hold and frizz control.

Traveling In Style

With the right travel-size hair products in your bag, you can still maintain healthy hair and gorgeous vacation style. Using multi-purpose products will save you both packing space and time, so you can get on with your day. Now go out and have some fun!