The Must-Have Products to Make Your Wedding Hair Last

Spring has sprung by and summer is officially here — and that means wedding season! Whether you’re the center of attention, standing by a loved one’s side, or simply a guest, it’s important to have your hair game in check for the event.

From beautiful updos perfect for formal, black-tie affairs to romantic half-up waves for the more casual dress codes, there are many easy wedding hairstyles to choose from. But will your ‘do last you through the vows, speeches, meal, and of course, the dance floor? The key to making your hairstyle last is understanding your unique hair needs, as well as using the rights tools and products.

Start In The Shower

If you’re leaving your hair down — think gorgeous cascading waves, or perhaps a half-up style with a fun accessory — you’ll want to start with fresh, clean hair. Try a sulfate-free formula that cleans without stripping hair of moisture; our Silk Express Miracle Silk Shampoo, for example, provides silk proteins to reduce drying time (you don’t want to feel rushed, after all!), while sealing the hair cuticle for beautiful shine and strength. Follow with a moisturizing conditioner, and make sure to rinse hair completely.

Prep Your Strands

Next, give your tresses some extra love. A good-quality leave-in conditioner will ensure your hair is ready to handle whatever styling you do (including heat styling), and provide an extra dose of revitalizing and nurturing ingredients. Spritz this on immediately after you shower, and gently comb through your hair to get rid of any tangles. This will set the stage for a beautiful, long-lasting style, no matter what other products you use on your hair next.

Perfect Your Texture

Here’s where your hair routine should get personalized. Depending on the hairstyle you’re going for, different products at the stage will give you different results. Here are a few easy wedding hairstyles we love, and the products you’ll need:

  • The Half-Up Do: If you have short to medium-length hair, a half-up style is a cute option that keeps your hair off your face, without forcing a full (or sometimes impossible) updo. Plus, you’ll be perfectly positioned for adding a veil, if you’re the bride, or a headband if you’re a guest or bridesmaid. For this style, apply a styling cream from roots to tips before you blow dry to help keep your hair smooth and bouncy. For added romance, curl the bottom half with a large-barrel curling iron.
  • Soft, Loose Side Pony: Another great hairstyle for guests and brides alike is a soft side ponytail with volume at the crown and loose, beautiful curls. If you have fine hair, a styling mousse is a must-have product to have on hand to achieve the volume and bounce needed. Apply throughout, then blow dry with a round brush while lifting your roots. Grab a medium- to large-barrel curling iron and curl through; then, gather to one side and tie loosely with a hair tie. Already have curly hair? You’re one step ahead! Define and protect curls with a defrizzing gel, and then loosely gather and pin or tie.
  • Stunning Updo: Heading to an outdoor wedding? An updo will typically last longer and fight through the elements better (like summer humidity or a windy beach setting). But again, using the right hair products are key. For an updo, you’ll want to have a little bit of grit to your hair, so apply a texturizing product A dry shampoo can also work for this. For the easiest of updos, gather hair into a loose bun, securing with bobby pins throughout. Use your fingers to loosen around your crown even more or pull out tendrils for a more casual, boho look.

Set Your Style

Finally, the finishing touches. Don’t let all this prepping and styling go to waste; even professional hairstylists rely on products to set their style. If you’ve curled or straightened your hair, use a hairspray or finishing spray while your locks are still hot. Worried about crunchy curls? Our Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray is a great option that provides super-solid hold, without that sticky or heavy feel that some hairsprays create.

Last but not least, keep a few tools handy for last-minute touch-ups. Stash a travel-size finishing spray in your purse, along with a few extra hair ties or bobby pins. Even if you don’t end up needing them, you may be a lifesaver to the bride, bridesmaids, or another wedding guest. Enjoy the wedding — and your great hair day.