He's a 10 Miracle Shave Cream

He's a 10 Miracle Shave Cream

He's a 10 Miracle Shave Cream


A Shave That Goes Beyond Smooth

Created to give men a closer, smoother, long-lasting shave, this rich creamy formula plumps whiskers so razors get a clean cut, while intense moisturizers lubricate facial hair to minimize razor burn and sensitivity. Deep conditioning agents penetrate into skin providing soothing comfort between shaves and a better shave with each use. Herbal agents further reduce redness and bumpiness, so skin is touchably soft and visibly smooth.

  1. Paraben free
  2. Rich creamy formula
  3. For all skin types
  4. Softens and soothes skin
  5. Lubricates beard
  6. Antiseptic properties
  7. Wet or dry use
  8. No GMO or Petrochemicals
  9. Eucalyptus infused
  10. Rosemary enriched

He’s a 10 Shave Cream is infused with professional-grade ingredients like:

 Natural Menthol

Provides a cooling sensation with antiseptic properties

Coconut Oil

Deeply penetrating botanical moisturizer that leaves skin silky smooth and reduces razor drag


Plant-based fragrance with light, non-greasy moisturizing agents


Clean-rinsing lubricant for a razor that glides smoothly and helps eliminate nicks and cuts


Our Tip:

Spread evenly over beard with hands, or work into skin with a shaving brush for particularly coarse hair and/or dry skin. Can be used on wet or dry skin. Work into a thick lather, then shave in the direction of beard growth on first pass, then re-apply as necessary to shave in the opposite direction of growth.


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