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It’s A 10 Haircare is one of the only female-owned professional haircare brands in the world. Carolyn Aronson, Founder and owner of It’s A 10 began her career with 20+ years as a hair stylist & salon owner and continues to hold a license in multiple states.

It's A 10 Haircare was born out of her frustration with brands that produced dozens of products with single benefits and hard-to-follow claims. She envisioned a line that was for everyone and delivered full, salon-quality results in just one bottle. She began with a star product, Miracle Leave-in and the line quickly rose to fame through pro hairstylists, who shared the cult-favorite product with their clients.


Stylist, Owner and Founder of It’s A 10 Haircare

"As a stylist myself, I am passionate and understand the need for seamless solutions when it comes to getting the products your clients love, so we wanted to create a way to make this practice easiest as possible"

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