Our Story

Our story began with the idea that feeling good about your hair should be easy. Over the years, hair care has gotten confusing. Many brands have filled store shelves with an array of products that only seem to accomplish one thing. People have had to create their own concoction of products to get the results and hair health they are looking for.

It’s a 10 has changed that. Our hair care products provide exceptional results designed to deliver a combination of 10 benefits – all in one bottle.

Founded in 1998

After 20 years in the making, It's A 10 has become the best

Now, through our exclusive professional salon formulas, you can enjoy shine, hydration and healthy movement with just one product. We call it “strength in simplicity” and it will undoubtedly change the way you think about hair care. After 20 years in the making, It’s a 10 has become the best.

Our History

From the Beginning

Creating a custom hair care line was no small feat. When It’s a 10 decided to embark on that journey, we set a course to change the way hair care delivered results. Over 20 years in the making, It’s a 10 has become the “go-to” product for salons and clients worldwide. This vision has revolutionized our approach to hair care by delivering results that people can see and experience - instantly.


For us, finding a product that could deliver everything in one bottle led to piecing together multiple products to get the full results we knew a customer would want. We envisioned a complete line of salon-quality, multipurpose products that would deliver salon-mirror results.

Dedication to Quality

It took years of trials and testing to deliver a perfect product: one that truly rates a 10. To this day, our founders play a direct role in the research and development of the line. We continue to drive creativity and quality through a hands-on approach of each refinement to the It’s a 10 product line. Through personal dedication, It’s a 10 brings simplicity and refinement into salons and homes around the world.

Our Promise

"It’s a 10 stands by our products. We deliver the best in quality ingredients to help your hair. We never test on animals at any point in our product development and only bring you high-quality, salon-caliber hair care."

Carolyn Aronson

CEO, Founder


It’s a 10 works closely with suppliers and develops partnerships with communities to deliver salon-quality products. We continually seek new ways to use quality ingredients, proteins, antioxidants, and gluten-free formulas that will be gentle, yet effective, for your hair. Some of our gluten-free products are our Miracle Leave-In, our Miracle Daily Conditioner, and our Miracle Shine Spray.

  • Quality Suppliers
  • Constant Research
  • Dedication To Success

It's Always a 10

It’s a 10 accomplishes 10 things - instantly - in just one bottle. That’s what makes us unique. What takes other hair care products multiple steps and bottles, It’s a 10 delivers in just one. Through our tailored collection of products, our customers can enjoy even more enhanced hair care and styling products.