It's a 10 Scalp Restore Kit

It's a 10 Scalp Restore Kit

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When your scalp is balanced and calm, so is your hair. It’s that simple. The Scalp Restore Kit from It’s a 10 is a powerful 1-2-3 combo that helps soothe itchy, flaky, or dry scalp that also protects and enhances the condition of your hair. Natural ingredients in our Shampoo (10 oz) and Conditioner(8 oz) such as our Stimulating Herbal Complex of Peppermint, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Evening Primrose oil and Tea Tree Extracts provide cooling relief of discomfort.  While our Seascalp™ bio-marine complex that helps minimize the accumulation of sebaceous lipids to reduce itchiness, flakes and greasiness.   The added scalp brush increases circulation to the scalp to encourage and support healthy-looking hair growth right at the root.

WARNING: For those with allergies to shellfish, this product contains derivatives of fish/shellfish

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