What's the Best Way to Blow Dry Curly Hair Straight?

Born with naturally curly hair? If so, you know exactly what it takes to keep your locks under control and free from frizz. You also know the work that often goes into blow drying curly hair straight. It may seem like a chore at first, but once you have the right tools and products, styling your hair straight will seem simpler.

Ready to learn how? We turned to hair stylist and It’s a 10 enthusiast, Kristen Mackoul, to share her tips for how to blow dry curly hair straight without frizz.

Step 1: Prep the Hair

Keep in mind that you’ll want to start with damp hair that’s had time to air dry for a few minutes or has been towel dried, so that it’s not soaking wet when you get started. Additionally, choose a non-humid place to blow dry, if possible. Trying to blow dry curly hair immediately following your hot shower may not be the best environment to achieve the straight style you’re aiming for.

To begin, you need to prep your hair with the right product. Spray It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner with Keratin on your locks and comb through the hair. This helps keep your hair conditioned, as well as protected from the heat styling of your hair dryer. Follow up with the Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion and make sure to coat your hair from root to tip to prevent frizz from your blowout style and leave a look that’s silky and smooth.

Step 2: Section the Hair

It’s best to move in sections when blow drying your hair straight. This helps ensure equal drying to all layers of the hair. Plus, it makes it easier for you to brush and blow dry through, especially if your hair is on the thicker side. As you work your way through the different sections, make sure your hair dryer is on the cool or warm (not hot) setting. This will help lock in your style, while also preventing extra heat damage.

Step 3: Use a Round Brush

With a round brush, start on the first section of your hair and start at the bottom, holding the dryer at an angle on your tresses, pointing down. Slowly work your way up to the scalp, by rolling up and pulling straight, and then, repeat the process for the remaining sections. Once your hair is dry and straight, add a pump or two of the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product to your palms and smooth through your hair. This helps fight frizz and boost shine for your newly straightened locks. Once you’ve worked your way through all sections of the hair, you can always touch up any missed pieces with a straightening iron.

It’s nice to treat yourself to a professional salon blowout every once in a while, but with a little practice and the right hair care products, you can achieve the sleek look at home for a lot less. As long as you’re using products that strengthen and protect your hair, you’ll be able to achieve the shiny, silky look you desire.