How to Protect Your Hair From The Heat & Sun This Summer

Summer is shining down upon us and we bet you have your sunscreen, sun hats, and cover ups ready to protect your skin from the damage of UV rays. But wait a minute, what about your hair? Have you thought about giving it the protection it needs from the heat, too?

Unfortunately, we tend to overlook our hair as needing the same kind of sun protection as our skin, but it’s just as important to prevent damage to both the scalp and your tresses. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stay indoors all summer to shield yourself from the sun. You’ll just want to keep these tips in mind to keep your hair soft and shiny. The hotter months are a good time to go out and play, but it can cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. Don’t let that be the case this summer!

Tip #1: Let Your Hair Air Dry

It’s the season to let your hair down and maybe even give it a break from blow drying. The sun most likely will already wreak havoc on your strands by drying them out and causing them to split more easily. Apply shampoo and conditioner in the evenings to let your hair air dry before bed. Or, pull it back into a loose braid or bun while it’s still damp to create a chic style on the go. Tame flyaways by running a dollop of smoothing cream through your strands first, and you’ll have a summertime look that’s simple and also easier on your hair.

Tip #2: Use Heat Protectant

When you use a blow dryer, straightening iron, or other heated styling tool, apply a heat protection spray or product to help prevent damage to your strands. A quality product will create a “shield” so to speak, while still leaving your hair feeling soft and conditioned. Apply heat protectant to your tresses before styling to keep your strands intact.

Additionally, there are several hair care products available that include SPF and are great to have on hand, especially if you’ll be outside for most of the day. Remember the rule of thumb is to protect your hair as you would your skin. If it’s extra toasty out, make sure your hair is covered, literally. A stylish headscarf or hat is a great way to create a barrier for your hair.

Tip #3: Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Summer means endless days at the pool or beach, which can be hard on your hair, thanks to the mix of sand, saltwater, chlorine, and other outdoor elements. Add a bottle of leave-in conditioner to your tote bag to comb through wet hair when you get out of the water. When you let the product sink into your hair, it helps keep hair softer, more manageable, and prevent breakage. This is especially useful for those with hair that easily knots. A leave-in conditioner makes it easier to untangle without creating split ends.

Tip #4: Replenish with a Hair Mask

Make it a routine to give your hair the hydration it needs. Constant shampooing and styling can make your hair vulnerable to breakage and make it start to feel dry. A hair mask adds in much needed moisture and makes your hair feel smooth and soft. When applying the mask, concentrate on the ends, and let it soak into your hair for several minutes before rinsing out. It’s a nice “recovery” for your hair and will make it stronger overall.

No matter how you switch up your hair care routine this summer, make sure you have what you need to protect it from the heat and sun. Sometimes we don’t realize how harsh summer can be on our hair until the damage has already been done. With the right protection and products in place, this summer is the chance to change your hair habits for the better.