Give the Gift of Gorgeous Hair: 9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

The holiday shopping season is upon us and finding the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming! But don’t worry — continue reading for our go-to holiday gift guide for all things hair, so you can find the perfect pick for everyone on your list.

Holiday gift ideas for The Fashionista

The Fashionista

Whether it’s a weekly blowout or daily styling, we all have that friend who puts love and effort into all her looks. And because she wouldn’t be caught dead without a manicured mane, it’s important for her to protect her hair! Our Miracle Leave-In Product not only nourishes and restores shine, but it also serves as a heat protectant from UV and thermal rays. The Leave-In Product pairs especially well with the Miracle Texture Fiber, which makes shaping and styling simple and easy. Pair these products with a trendy decorative hair pin and you’ve got the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life!

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Holiday gift ideas for The Girl Boss

The Girl Boss

Between client pitches, traveling for work, and happy hours with coworkers, the corporate woman in your life could benefit from a little hair TLC! She may not have time to style her hair extensively in the morning, so the perfect hair gifts include a go-to curling wand to make curls easy and our Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in One. Not only does this dry shampoo keep your locks looking fresh, it’s enriched with keratin and nourishing ingredients to refresh your style, condition the hair shaft, and add shine and body. Add on a travel size Miracle Finishing Spray so she can touch up when she’s on the go and you’ve got the perfect girl boss gift.

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hair care products for The Outdoor Adventurer

The Outdoor Adventurer

If there’s a backpack, some hiking boots, and a granola bar involved, this girl is on it! She spends her weekends scaling mountains, camping in the desert, or visiting a new park. But all this outdoor adventuring can take a toll on her hair. Holiday gift ideas for her include some crease-free hair ties that will be gentle on her pony, a cute beanie for the colder months, and It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin. This everyday shampoo will help her cleanse away any dirt and grime she’s accumulated on her trips and keep her hair bouncy and soft.

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Hair care products for men

The Man of the House

Hair care isn’t just for the ladies! It’s a 10 offers a whole line of men’s products, including 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, He’s a 10 Miracle Pliable Paste, and He’s a 10 Miracle Defining Gel. Whether your man is the shower-and-go type or he spends more time in front of the mirror than you do, you’ve got his hair gifts covered. Win girlfriend or wife of the year with these easy gifts (because we all know how hard men are to shop for!).

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professional hair care products for all hair

The Salon Fanatic

From balayage to unicorn hair to Brazilian blowouts, playing with hair trends is always fun. But all of these harsh treatments can do a number on healthy hair. Luckily, there are plenty of products designed to restore moisture and shine to the salon-fanatic’s hair. It’s a 10 Miracle Silk Hair Mask is the perfect hair gift for the lady that deserves pampering because it transforms hair’s texture and vitality in one use. Add in the Miracle Blowdry Volumizer along with a new blow dryer to help her achieve a salon-quality blowout on her own. Give her a break from the salon by giving her the tools she needs to pamper herself at home!

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after beach hair products

The Beach Bum

Sun tanning, scuba diving, and sunshine might be great for the soul, but it’s not always great for the hair! If you have that one friend who can’t be dragged away from the beach, our Miracle Daily Conditioner is the perfect fix for everyday hair health, while the Defrizzing Cleansing Conditioner will help fight the frizz caused by that salty ocean air. Pair these with some cute headbands that she can use to keep her hair at bay while she’s enjoying the waves and you’ve got yourself the perfect hair gift for your beach bum friend.

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hair care products for winter

The Snow Bunny

Just like the Beach Bum lives and breathes sand and saltwater, the Snow Bunny lives and breathes everything icy. There’s nothing she loves more than enjoying some fresh snow. In addition to gifting her some super sweet snow swag, throw in some of our travel-sized favorites, such as our Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion and Miracle Finishing Spray. This product duo will help her achieve salon-quality hair without missing out on any time on the slopes. Plus, the mini sizes will fit perfectly in her ski bag so she’s ready in a jiffy for those apres-ski activities.

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hair care products for blonde hair

The Blonde Enthusiast

We all know her — the blondie who can’t get enough shimmery highlights and loves to maintain her color. Since blonde hair requires a specific hair care regimen to stay healthy, our holiday gift guide wouldn’t be complete without some blonde-specific products. Miracle Leave In for Blondes and Miracle Five Minute Hair Repair for Blondes will revive her hair while protecting and maintaining the color. Add in a new curling iron to help her style her bright locks and you’re all set!

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hair care products for curly hair

The Curly Girl

Curly hair is gorgeous, but it takes some extra effort to style. Giving your curly-haired friend the gift of control this holiday season is sure to put a smile on her face. Thankfully, our Styling Mousse and Defrizzing Gel both work to create a style that holds. Throw in some accessories like a cute bow or headscarf that complements her style and your curly-haired companion will be thanking you for her fashionable, controlled look!

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There’s no reason why we can’t all feel like 10s every day! This holiday season, give the gift of beautiful hair with It’s a 10’s award-winning line of products for both men and women.