Why Does My Straight Hair Always Get Frizzy?

what to do about straight frizzy hair

Frizz: it’s a common hair woe often linked to curly, wavy, or coarse hair. But even if you’ve got fine, thin, or straight hair — you know the truth. Frizz can ruin just about anyone’s hair day.

What’s a girl to do? Read on for some of our best tips for frizzy straight hair, and the essential products that will save your style.

Frizzy Hair 101

There are a few causes for frizz, including lack of moisture, damaged strands, and environmental factors like humidity. And conventional wisdom for straight hair can sometimes make it worse. For example, you might be staying light on the conditioner, thinking you’re avoiding weighing down your strands — which leaves you with parched, dry hair. Or just when you think you’re setting yourself up for great style, your blow dryer dehydrates your ‘do even more.

The result? That oh-so-annoying halo of frizz framing your face.

Frizzy Hair Solutions

One of the best tips for frizzy hair is to start in the shower! Whether you shower at night or in the morning, it’s your chance to really set the foundation for healthy, smooth hair. A few tips to keep in mind are:

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo formulated with extra benefits, depending on your hair type. Sulfates tend to strip your hair of moisture, which will definitely cause the frizzies. As for the extra benefits, check out our Miracle Whipped Shampoo (supercharged with protein and phytonutrients), our shine-enhancing Blow Dry Miracle Glossing Shampoo, or our Miracle Volumizing Shampoo (for amazing lift and volume!). (Hint: ALL of our shampoos are sulfate-free, but these are great options for straight hair in particular!)
  • Use a hydrating hair mask once per week to restore your hair — especially during the more humid seasons. When you hair is damaged or parched, it tries to get its moisture from elsewhere… like the air! The result? Frizz city as it swells and rises to let that moisture in.
  • Skip your hair every other shower, and invest in a great dry shampoo. Sudsing up can dehydrate your hair, so try to skip it when you can. Spray a dry shampoo on  your roots and work in if you tend to get oily.
  • Run a wide-tooth comb through your hair while you’re still in the shower, and then rinse with cool water. (Brushing damp — and even dry — hair can cause unnecessary friction.)

The Best Hair Products for Frizzy, Straight Hair

how to style straight frizzy hair

Once you’re out of the shower, you’ll need a few hair products on hand:

  • Prep with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner on damp hair before styling (and make sure it offers heat protection, too!)
  • If your straight hair is also fine, you may want to grab a volumizing product that also protects against heat styling and gives your hair bounce without weighing it down (try our Miracle Blowdry Volumizer!)
  • If your straight hair is coarse, a hydrating styling potion or cream is a great way to prep your hair for both heat styling and air drying.
  • For hairstyles that need hold, grab our Miracle Defrizzing Gel, which conditions and improves the health of your hair as it reduces flyaways and enhances sleekness.
  • For extra-dry strands, add a small pump of serum to seal the cuticle, protect color, and control frizz.

What to Know About Frizz Control and Fine Hair

If you have fine hair that tends to frizz, you know the struggle is real. Your strands need extra TLC, since they’re prone to breakage. And while coarse and curly girls can just throw their hair up in a messy bun when the frizz gets the best of them, trying to get your fine hair into a ponytail sometimes leads to a limp, sad mess.

The key with frizzy straight hair is to find lightweight products — you don’t want anything that will weigh your hair down and make it look limp! Look for silk protein, which can hold up to 10,000 times its weight in moisture, natural oils like coconut or argan, and lightweight strengthening ingredients like aminos acids and biotin. And remember, skip the sulfates!

Also consider the type of product you’re using: sprays tend to work better for straight, fine hair (instead of creams, oils, and serums). Finishing off with a hairspray will also help hold you style in place and fend off the frizzies.

Overall, you may need to experiment until you find a frizz-reducing product that works for you. And when you do — make sure you stock up!

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