Hair Stylist Tips: The Best Product for Piecey, Perfect Beach Waves

beach wavesA day spent at the beach feels like heaven on earth between the warm sand, the refreshing ocean water, the salty sea breeze... oh and the beachy hair, of course! Nothing beats enjoying expansive ocean views while showing off your Mother-Nature-styled locks. Except maybe having the ability to create that style yourself, no matter where you are.

The extra salt in the air and water at the beach affects your hair cuticle, so that curls form more easily and texture is added. The added texture beefs up the cuticle and provides the hair with more structure,adding volume and lift to the roots. This is what creates those voluminous curls that may not have existed farther from the coast.

Beach waves have a natural, lived-in feel to them that women and professional stylists alike try to replicate (without the beach). These waves have made their way inland from the coast, appearing everywhere from red carpet events to proms to the everyday lives of stylish gals. It’s a perfect option for those who want to look effortlessly put together and don’t have hours to style their hair.

Since the beach wave hairstyle is associated with sunny coastlines and ocean breeze, the style first catapulted into popularity in the summertime, when vacationers would rock the look. It has since become a sought-after hairstyle year-round. Instead of even, perfect curls, many women are opting for the more messy, chic look. The question is: how do you get beach waves at home?

Between homemade salt sprays, hairsprays, and wave-making contraptions, the quest for these loose, piecey waves can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. Some products can be too sticky, which can make your hair look crunchy and frizzy. Others are too heavy, which weighs down your hair and results in flat, lifeless locks.

Fear not - It’s a 10’s Miracle Texture Fiber is the ideal product to create those tousled waves you’re after! The lightweight, smoothing formula keeps your hair voluminous and piecey all day while preventing frizz and flyaways.

Check out the video to view our beach waves tutorial using this product:

How to Style Beach Waves

  1. Lightly coat fingertips with a small amount of It’s a 10 Miracle Texture Fiber.

  2. Press pieces of hair between your fingertips from roots to ends.

  3. Use your whole hand to grab the ends of your hair from the bottom and press up to create lasting lift and volume.

  4. To tame flyaways, apply product to palms and then smooth over stray hairs with minimal pressure. The lightweight invisible paste smoothes and separates hair in order to enhance layers, create tousled beach waves, and guard against frizz, flyaways, and humidity.

And there you have it! Piecey, tousled beach waves as if you just got back from summer vacay.