National Love Your Hair Day Interview with Greg Wickherst

Greg WickherstThe countdown to October 10th is on and as a part of our celebration for National Love Your Hair Day we’re interviewing some of our most inspirational fans. Meet Greg Wickherst. Bald by choice for 14 years, Greg began learning to style hair when his little daughter’s hair got too long to be manageable.Greg and his daughter built a special bond through this shared experience. We sat down to ask Greg some more about how he became such a talented stylist and what advice he can share with other parents struggling to find the love with their children’s hair.

It's a 10: You have a great backstory on how you got into hair, what were some of the major challenges you had to overcome?

Greg Wickherst: I had shaved my head for 14 years when my daughter's hair became long enough for it to become an issue. I had no clue! I couldn't even do a simple ponytail. I work at a school that teaches cosmetology, among other things. I had a student spend an hour with me teaching me the basics. I went home and tried some on my daughter. It ended up turning into a fun way for us to hang out! She enjoys looking pretty, and I just like the interaction we have together. 

It's a 10: What do you love most about your daughter's hair?

GW: I love the creativity that it has created for me. I have never been a creative person. I was never into art, drawing, painting, or anything like that. When I do my daughter's hair, it is like a blank canvas for me. I usually don't have an exact idea of what her style will end up being. Now I get to create something new every day.

It's a 10: What did you love most about your hair -  or do you prefer to shave your head and why?

GW: I prefer to have my head shaved. When I was 24 I shaved it for the first time. I love the way it looks, so I just have shaved it ever since.

It's a 10: Who is your hair icon?

GW: My icon is Beth Belshaw at Sweethearts Hair Design. She is amazing at what she does, and is also a very sweet and nice person. 

It's a 10: Who are some people who inspire you?

GW: I think the people that inspire me the most are all the dads at Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. We are a group of dads that teach free classes all over the country in our communities so other dads can learn the basics of hairstyling. We help each other on a daily basis. 

It's a 10: What's a simple nice thing that gives you a lift when you are having a bad day?

GW: When I'm having a bad day and my daughter asks if she can cuddle with me, that takes all the troubles away.

It's a 10: What advice can you give parents who are clueless about hair?

GW: Be patient - it doesn't all happen at once. And please understand, it's not about being perfect, it's about being present. The fact that you are trying will be a memory that will stick with your kids forever. 

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