National Love Your Hair Day with Derek Cash

Derek CashThis week we are sitting down with stylist Derek Cash. Derek grew up surrounded by great hair and channeled that knowledge and passion into his own business and salon. He has a reputation for creating phenomenal blondes, effortless hairstyles, and a lifetime of experience. We sat down with Derek to learn more about who he admires and some of the challenges he faces while styling.

It's a 10: How did you get into styling hair? What were some of the major challenges you had to overcome?

Derek Cash: I got into styling because of my mom. She has been a stylist my entire life. My major challenges have been platinum blondes, cutting bobs, and pixies. 

It's a 10: What do you love most about your hair?

DC: I love that my base color is a medium ash brown. I rarely tone my hair after I lighten in because it doesn't really get brassy. 

It's a 10: Who is your hair icon?

DC: My hair icon is Paul Mitchell because he turned his passion for hair into a successful business.

It's a 10: Who are some people who inspire you?

DC: Some people that inspire me are @hairby_chrissy and @guytang.

It's a 10: What's a simple, nice thing that gives you a lift when you are having a bad day?

DC: Chicken wings will lift me up when I'm having a bad day!

It's a 10: What advice can you give someone who doesn’t love their hair?

DC: Find a stylist that produces more of the style of hair that you want and visit their salon.

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