Beauty Sleep: How to Wake Up with Perfect Hair

Daylight Saving Time is coming to an end this Sunday, November 5th, which means we get to tack on an extra hour of beauty sleep. Why not take advantage of this restful time by making your beauty sleep extra effective? You don’t have to rush through styling your hair in the morning. Luckily, learning how to wake up with perfect hair doesn’t have to be a distant dream! By timing your showers right, using the right products, and setting your hair correctly, you can wake up with perfect hair that’s ready to go.

If you're showering and blow drying at night…

Blow drying hair at night allows you to perfect your hairstyle ahead of time. But preserving that look until morning can be the tricky part!

After your shower, try waiting until your hair has dried at least 80% before blow drying it. When you’re ready to dry, apply a protecting volumizer to add lasting body that will outlast the night and protect your hair from heat damage. Blow dry in a downward direction to avoid roughing up the hair cuticles, and lift your roots with your fingers to activate the volumizer. Once your hair is dry, it’s time to preserve the style.

Try tying up your hair in a loose, high ponytail with a soft, wide elastic. The slight upward tension of the high ponytail will create lasting volume, while the flexible nature of the hair elastic will prevent any dents in your freshly blown out hair. For slight waves, try the same technique in a twisted bun.

Also, be mindful of the material you sleep on. Have you ever woken up to frizzy, unruly hair? This could be the result of your hair rubbing against the fabric of your pillowcase. Try replacing your cotton pillowcases with silk ones. Silk provides your hair with a frictionless surface as you toss and turn, so you can maintain your smooth strands.

If you're showering and sleeping on damp hair...


If time permits, try showering a couple hours before you go to bed, so your hair isn’t soaking wet when you lay your head down. If your hair is too wet, it may slip out of place, resulting in unwanted kinks and frizz if you move around a lot in your sleep.

Going to bed with damp hair presents the perfect opportunity to apply products, because it’s able to soak into your hair follicles throughout the night. Whether it’s a leave-in conditioner, an oil, or a shine spray, there are tons of hair products ideal for overnight use. If your hair is on the dry and damaged side of the spectrum, opt for a leave-in conditioner to quench your hair so you wake up with soft, supple locks. If you are on the more oily side of the spectrum, adding a light shine spray to your ends will provide you with luminous morning locks without adding any oil to your scalp.

The style you should sleep in depends on the style you want to wake up to. You can learn how to make your hair curly overnight and achieve anything from tight “S” waves to loose curls just by setting your hair correctly before bed. These air dry hairstyles allow the hair to shape itself during the night so you can avoid using hot tools in the morning.

When you release your hair from the style in the morning, lightly shake your fingers through your hair and add a finishing product. You’re good to go!

When you take the time to prep your hair properly before bed, you can start your day with fresh, beautiful locks. Using the right product for your hair and knowing which hairstyle to set your hair in before bed are both important factors in waking up with ready-to-go hair. The benefits of overnight hair care include less damage from heat, less prep time in the morning, and less falling of the style, since your hair had all night to set. Waking up with perfect hair is a great way to start your morning with confidence, preparing you for a successful day.