Breaking Bad Hair Habits

breaking bad hair care habitsHaving a bad hair day? You may be the victim of bad hair habits. From using a hair dryer without proper protection to washing too frequently, your hair could be suffering from improper hair care. In this post, we’re sharing some of our basic hair care tips to avoid common mistakes, and start rocking a healthier and more manageable 'do.

Bad Habit #1: Brushing More Than Necessary

The 100-brush-strokes-a-day habit is a myth — too much brushing may actually cause damage to your strands. This goes against what we’re normally told about habits, which is the more we do something, the better it gets. But brushing too much can cause the hair to break and will leave you with more split ends than what you started with.

Breaking the habit: To create healthier tresses, use hair care products with strengthening ingredients. Gently comb the conditioner through the hair once, and let it do its magic.

Bad Habit #2: All Heat, All the Time

If your daily hair care routine involves heating tools and multiple products, you might need to give your hair a much-needed rest. It’s no secret heat can damage the hair, which comes from a variety of sources: your hair dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, and even time spent in the sun. Protect your hair as much as possible by applying a heat protectant product first.

We recommend using quality leave-in treatment before styling, which will also provide protection from other environmental stressors that can cause extra buildup and damage to the hair.

Breaking the habit: Give those heating tools a rest, especially during summer when elements like the sun, chlorine, or salt water are likely already causing excess damage to your hair. Allow it to air dry while down or twist it up into a loose bun.

Bad Habit #3: Excessive Toweling

For those who wish to achieve a sleek, straight style, make sure your hair is mostly dry before styling it. But avoid vigorous toweling because this can cause breakage to the hair; plus, it doesn’t speed up the drying process. The hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet, so be extra gentle when handling it!

Breaking the habit: Pat hair dry rather than pulling the towel through your tresses.avoid excessive hair toweling

How to Create Healthier Hair Habits

If you’re guilty of any of these hair habits, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But it’s all the more reason to add a few healthy hair care tips to your daily styling routine. First, start with a shampoo and conditioning treatment that is formulated to strengthen your hair and make it softer. Our 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo paired with the Miracle Daily Conditioner gives your hair the dose of antioxidants and natural ingredients it needs to be hydrated and healthy. You’ll be left with shinier, smoother, and overall better looking hair.

Second, be kind to your hair. If you’re used to heat styling, processing, coloring, and/or using multiple products every day, your hair may become dry and depleted of the moisturizing elements necessary to look and feel its best. Pamper yourself with an intensive hair mask at least once a week, such as It’s a 10’s Silk Express Miracle Silk Hair Mask. It contains sunflower seed extract for protection against dryness, tonka bean oil extract to help soothe damaged hair and reduce frizz, and hydrolyzed silk, which helps to restore hair and give it added shine.

Finally, feel good about the products you’re using. It’s a 10 Hair Care is focused on providing cruelty-free products with salon-level benefits to help you achieve the look you want everyday. Now that you have the tips and products you need, how will you be changing your bad hair care habits for the better?