It's a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

It's a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask Deep Conditioner


Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask … Reverse Damage, Dryness, and Dullness Like Magic

For hair that faces extreme challenges, a magical elixir like It’s a 10 Potion 10 is the only solution. Apply the ultra-thick, rich, creamy formula of Potion 10’s Miracle Repair Hair Mask to even the most stressed-out tresses and you’ll see a difference in minutes. Infused with proteins, conditioners, softeners, and more this in-shower, leave-on mask penetrates deeply into hair to repair breakage, eliminate frizz, strengthen follicles, and smooth the cuticle for a healthier-all-over result. At the same time, the soothing properties of the gentle conditioning agents calm the scalp, protect against environmental damage, and extend the life of color-treated and other chemically processed hair. It is a simple-yet-intense treatment that also rinses clean and leaves nothing behind but beautiful, shiny, manageable hair.

It’s a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask makes damage disappear with natural ingredients like:

Coffee Seed Oil
A rich anti-oxidant with strong anti-aging properties that defend hair’s naturally healthy state

Golden Bamboo Extract
One of nature’s antibiotics and anti-fungals, this natural essence protects against environmental damage and other stressors like heat styling.

Indian Gooseberry Extract

Known for its intensive nourishing properties, this fruit-based extract stimulates new hair growth and helps retain moisture through Vitamin C

Dog Rose Extract

High levels of Vitamin C and other antioxidants make this botanical compound excellent for repairing damage brought on by aging, UV light, heat, and other environmental conditions


Plant-based shaper and fragrance

A highly effective strengthener

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